We believe passionately in the value of learning


It benefits the individual through developing their skills and knowledge, improving their self-esteem and career prospects.


It benefits your organisation by nurturing talent from within, thereby reducing the need for higher level recruitment and increasing staff retention – growing your own workforce with your organisational values embedded in all they do.


And most importantly, it improves the quality of delivery to people who use your service. Better care = better lives.


Our goal is to encourage more people to take advantage of these benefits by continuing their learning through an Apprenticeship programme.



Every time someone from your organisation enrols onto an apprenticeship programme with one of our training provider partners, you will earn a reward. You can redeem this by letting us know about the enrolment:


via the Rewards Section in our shop

by calling us on 0114 281 5761

by emailing info@cqmlearning.co.uk



We’d like to reward your organisation by offering a choice of gifts – you will earn one every time you enrol someone onto an apprenticeship programme with one of our training provider partners. You could pass it on to a deserving employee in recognition for their commitment to learning or dedication to their role or keep the rewards ready for your next raffle or event.


Our gifts are split into categories, choose the type that best suits your needs:


Learning (Free distance learning, discounts on eLearning)

Social gifts (Charity donation, tree planted)

Tangibles (Hampers, wine, sweet treats)

Vouchers/gift cards


CQM Learning