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Learning & Development Practitioners are typically involved with identifying learning / training needs, designing / sourcing training and learning solutions, delivering and evaluating training, and working with stakeholder / business area managers. The role focus is often on the practical delivery of training. The Learning & Development Practitioner will typically have expertise and competence in their specific field whether it be technical, vocational or behavioural (e.g. use of software, food preparation, working in teams). They link the learning within their area of responsibility to business objectives and performance, understanding the learning cycle and working by it. The role can be more specialist, with a focus on and requiring in-depth expertise in a specific area of Learning & Development such as learning design, e-learning or digital / blended learning. Whichever of these is an area of focus; the Learning & Development Practitioner is future focused, understands the business context / culture and has a good grounding across the whole training and learning cycles. The L&D Practitioner role typically exists in a wide range of organisations including private, public and third sector. The Learning & Development Practitioner role supports the learning and development function to contribute to, and influence, improved performance in the workplace at an individual, team and organisation level. Typically, the role would work alongside colleagues who specialise in Human Resources (i.e. employee relations, reward, recruitment) often supported by an Learning & Development Administrator (more junior role) and report to an Learning & Development Business Partner / Consultant / Manager. Learning & Development Practitioners often work with Subject Matter Experts in different parts of the business. Candidates will cover these areas on their course: Knowledge Technical expertise Business and Commercial understanding Learning & Development function Management information and technology Skills Identification of training/ learning needs Training / Learning Design Training/ Learning delivery Evaluation Communication and Interpersonal Teamwork and collaboration Behaviours Constant and Curious Learner Collaborative Partner Passionate and Agile Deliverer

Learning and Development Practitioner

Identifying, creating and delivering appropriate training needs.

£6,000 via Apprenticeship Levy or £300 via 5% Co-investment Funding for small businesses

18 months