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Facilities Management impacts on the vast majority of individuals and organisations across the UK and adds value through a highly skilled workforce creating efficiencies in service delivery and implementation. It encompasses multi-disciplinary activities within the built environment and the management of their impact upon people and the workplace. Effective Facilities Management, combining resources and activities, is vital to the success of any organisation. At a corporate level, it contributes to the delivery of strategic and operational objectives. On a day-to-day level, effective Facilities Management provides a safe and efficient working environment, which is essential to the performance of any business – whatever its size and scope. Within this fast growing professional discipline, facilities managers have extensive responsibilities for providing, maintaining and developing myriad services. These range from property strategy, space management and communications infrastructure to building maintenance, administration and contract management. This apprenticeship prepares an individual for managing a facilities management service, or a group of services, which can be labelled as ‘hard’ (estate/building management) or soft (catering/cleaning/administration/security). All apprentices will be required to supervise others; to understand the contractual requirements and service delivery targets between their employing organisation and the client/customer in order to achieve service targets. The apprentice will have to provide customer service skills and be proactive in finding solutions to problems. Candidates will cover these areas on their course: Knowledge & Skills Facilities Management within the context of the employing organisation (Hard Facilities Management, Soft Facilities Management, Total or Integrated Facilities Management) Management of Health and Safety in accordance with employing organisation and client/customer requirements for the facilities management service they are supervising Developing relationships in the workplace with colleagues from own employing organisation and with employees of the customer/client to achieve service targets Develop and implement risk assessment plans in accordance with the requirements for the facilities management service they are supervising Organize and delegate day to day activities of staff to ensure that the facilities management service meets contractual requirements and service targets Monitor the costs of the facilities management service to ensure the budget is not exceeded Procure supplies for the facilities management service and maintain relationships with suppliers Resolve customer service queries and issues in accordance with contractual requirements; monitor customer service issues in order to prevent re-occurrence Solve day to day problems to ensure the facilities management service meets its service targets and contractual requirements Manage the day to day performance of staff and contribute to their development Ensure that resources (materials and equipment) are used efficiently by ensuring correct use in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions Take responsibility for own development of skills and knowledge Behaviours Analytical Customer Focused Collaborative Effective communicator Flexible Honest Methodical

Facilities Management Supervisor

Managing the working environment for an organisation's employees and services within industrial and commercial buildings.

£4,000 via Apprenticeship Levy or £200 via 5% Co-investment Funding for small businesses

18 months