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Business Apprenticeships

Develop your Team Leaders, Supervisors, Project and Departmental Managers

Funeral Services Apprenticeships

Funeral Team Members and Directors

HR, Learning & Development

Mentors, Trainers and HR professionals

Health & Social Care Apprenticeships

Adult and Childcare programmes including specialist healthcare pathways

Hospitality Apprenticeships

Kitchen/catering, housekeeping and other support roles

IT / Digital Apprenticerships

Developing the skills needed for a wide range of tech roles

These work-based learning courses are suitable for all levels of experience from new workers to senior managers. They are ideal for up-skilling existing members of staff, creating clear career progression and developing a strong workforce through internal promotion. 


These vocational training programmes have been developed by employer groups and are for specific job roles. The focus is on delivering new learning and developing a highly valuable team member. 


Your trainer will provide 1-2-1 support and you’ll put together a portfolio of evidence that will be assessed using a range of methods. Observation of real work will be used for competence based units. You will also be asked to provide evidence of records you have contributed to, witness testimony, and discussion and questioning. You will then go through end point assessment and grading, carried out by an organisation separate from your training provider. This ensures the quality of the training is high, and the apprenticeship completion will indicate that a high level of new skills and knowledge have been attained. You will spend 20% of your working hours on learning activities.


Usually a level 2 apprenticeship takes 12 months to complete. Levels 3 to 5 take around 18 to 24 months.