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Understanding Autism

Ideal for staff working with people with Autism

Autism  is a spectrum condition that affects how a person communicates with  others and how they interpret the world around them. There are around  700,000 people in the UK with autism – more than 1 in every 100. Having a  clear understanding of the misconceptions, diagnoses and  support surrounding autism are just some of the essential skills  needed when working in social care.

Course Content

  • How individuals with autism process sensory information

  • Characteristics that may be present in individuals with autism

  • Conditions that commonly occur with autism

  • Common misconceptions surrounding autism

  • How speech, language and communication may differ in people with autism

  • Recognise how legislation and guidance underpins support

Mandatory units

  • Introduction to autism

  • Using a person-centred approach to support individuals with autism

  • Communication and social interaction

  • Sensory processing, perception and cognition

  • Supporting positive behaviour

  • Recognise how legislation and guidance underpins support