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Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care

Designed for people who are looking to enter into or progress within the health and social care sector.

The  need for adult social care continues to rise at a time when the system  supporting that care is rapidly and significantly changing. With around  1.5 million people working in adult social care in England, care workers  need up-to-date support and guidance in order to provide adequate  person-centred care.

Course Content

  • What to expect in the sector

  • Person-centred care and safe working practices

  • Duty of care and safeguarding

  • Equality and diversity, safeguarding and protection

Mandatory units

  • Communication

  • Personal development

  • Diversity, equality and inclusion

  • Safeguarding and protection

  • Duty of Care

  • The role of the Social Care Worker

  • Person-centred approaches

  • Health and safety

  • How to handle information