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Mental Health First Aid

Designed for people with an interest in mental health.

Around  450 million people currently suffer from mental health problems, with  recent reports suggesting that over 12 million working days were lost  due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in just one year. It’s  important that employers are transparent and open about mental health  issues, and this qualification builds an understanding of mental health  problems and the support available to colleagues. Increasing the  understanding of mental health of staff at all levels builds a culture  of care and support.

Course Content

  • What is meant by mental health and mental ill health

  • Factors  contributing to different types of mental ill health and actions to  take when an individual is facing a mental health crisis

  • The importance of positive relationships and person-centred approaches

  • How to protect your own mental health when supporting others

  • The impact of attitudes and perceptions of mental health for individuals and organisations

  • Wellness action plans

Mandatory units

  • Exploring mental health

  • Supporting individuals with mental ill health

  • Understanding a mentally healthy environment