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Caring for Children and Young People

Suitable for those working with children and young people.

All  children and young people deserve to be safe and well cared for within a  safe and protective family, however unfortunately this is not always  the case. With over 50,000 children identified as needing protection  from abuse in the UK, it is important that those working in the care  sector understand the risks of abusive and exploitative behaviour that  some children experience. Knowing what strategies are used to protect  them from this behaviour, whilst following procedures, is essential to  helping those affected.

Course Content

  • Develop interaction and interpersonal skills

  • Communication, person-centred thinking and planning

  • How e-safety can be utilised

  • Comply with policies and procedures

Mandatory units

  • Caring for young children in a babysitting environment

  • Accident prevention and fire safety when babysitting

  • Rights and responsibilities in relation to parenting

  • Parenting and healthy lifestyles