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Adverse Childhood Experiences

Techniques for preventing and addressing ACEs in practice.

This  qualification will provide learners with an opportunity to develop an  understanding of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) relevant to their  current or future roles and will equip them with basic understanding of  techniques for preventing and addressing ACEs in practice. Children and  young people are amongst the most vulnerable in our society when it  comes to the impact of adverse circumstances on their lives. Adverse  childhood experience can have impacts on the development and mental  health of children and young people that may persist into adulthood and  affect their life chances. These might be personal circumstances such as  the death or divorce of parents or domestic violence, for example, or  national and international disasters. Children and young people affected  by such events need support to strengthen their resilience and empower  them to overcome their fears and the challenges they face.

Course Content

  • Focus on the study of ACEs

  • Characteristics that may be present in individuals with autism

  • Offer breadth and depth of study, incorporating a key core of knowledge

  • Explore childhood and family structures

  • Explore ACEs and understand potential outcomes for children enduring ACEs

  • Understand the role of the practitioner supporting children impacted by ACEs

  • Develop strategies to improve outcomes for children affected by ACEs.

Mandatory units

  • Exploring childhood and family structures

  • Introduction to adverse childhood experiences

  • Developing strategies to improve outcomes for children affected by adverse childhood experiences