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IT/Digital Apprenticeships

Data Analyst

Collect, organise and study data to provide business insight.

Digital Marketer

Use online and social media platforms to design, build and implement campaigns and drive customer sales.

Digital Support Technician

Maximising the effective use of digital office technologies, productivity software and digital communications in organisations.

IT Solutions Technician

Develop, implement and maintain complete IT solutions such as networks, operating systems and applications.

IT Technical Salesperson

Selling technical products and services, such as data storage and cloud services, for a company.

Junior Content Producer

Creating content for a wide range of media, including digital, social media, broadcast and print.

Marketing Executive

Helping to shape, support and deliver marketing plans, working in conjunction with the Marketing Manager.

Software Developer

Building and testing simple, high-quality code for software.

Software Development Technician

Building simple applications for use in larger software developments.