How functionale are you're skills? 

Writing skills

This month we're championing functional skills development - improving people's core skills of maths and English can reap rewards for them personally and for you as a business.


Can you Spot the mistakes in this post?

Could all off your team identify the errors’?


We can help your workforce to access ful funding for maths and English training. These skill’s are vital for young people and adults to participate in life, learning and work. They are a mandatory element in Apprenticeships; many people might benefit from getting there maths and English to the right level before embarking on a full Apprenticeship programme.


•          Each programme tailored too the needs of the individual

•          Online or face-to-face train’in

•          Initial asesment to check what level of training is needed

•          Programmes last as long as needed to support the learner - typically 3 to six months





A good level of Functional skills can help staff in areas such as:


•          Writing clear, accurate notes and reports

•          Recording and analysing data properly

•          Understanding instructions and care plans better

•          Improving confidence when dealing with medication doses and schedules



Programmes are fully funded for learners aged 19+, with three years or more EU residency.


Please contact CQM Learning today to arrange initial assessments for your team.