Falls represent the most frequent and serious type of accident in people aged 65 and over, with 10,000 falls happening each day. Falls often have both a physical and mental impact, as they can result in lack of confidence, isolation, fractures and broken bones.


There are simple considerations that can be made around the home to greatly reduce the likelihood of falls. Suggesting changes needs to be handled with sensitivity - imagine how you might feel if someone came into your home or personal space and suggested changes. Here are a few areas to consider:


Keep pathways clear

Try and keep stairs and walkways free of clutter as these are high risk areas associated with fall


Be aware of uneven surfaces

Watch out for changes in surfaces between carpets and tiles and rugs and door mats


Keep frequently used items close by

Reaching up high or bending down low can cause accidents – a simple rethink to make those frequently used items readily at hand can be helpful



Poor lighting can mean trip hazards go unnoticed and grab rails go unused


High risk areas

Bathrooms and staircases both have heightened risk; the addition of grab rails can help to reduce this risk



CQM have two options for training to support Falls Prevention awareness:


Falls Prevention Awareness, Level 2 Certificate - fully funded* 


This course is ideal for anyone working in health and social care and those who have contact with older people who are more susceptible to falls. It takes 6 - 8 weeks to complete (118 guided learning hours).

Falls Awareness, CQM Fundamentals distance learning - £10 +VAT pp


Awareness level course, ideal for new staff or refresher training. It only takes  4 - 6 hours to complete, so ideal if staff don't have the time to commit to the Level 2 Certificate.