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Whilst we strive to create a paperless office, we took the decision a few years ago to offer our CQM Fundamentals range of 60+ distance learning courses as paper booklets. Consultation with our customers suggested that the flexibility and portability of paper was preferable to e-learning. People like to physically read and refer back to the booklets.  We're delighted to announce that the full Fundamentals range is now printed on 100% recycled paper.


We are also in the process of re-designing all of the course to reduce the pagination where possible to reduce the volume of paper used.


We have always made a point of re-using packaging for postage when possible, which is why your orders will often show up in unexpected boxes!



Digital versions

As the use of technology has increased by health and social care workers in their professional and private lives, we are considering offering digital versions of the Fundamentals range too - please get in touch if this is something you would like!




We recycle paper, plastic, glass and metal in the office.




Leaving the car at home is an easy way to reduce CO2 emissions - walking, cycling, taking public transport or sharing a ride are all better options (although we appreciate not always practical, especially for those working in domiciliary care. Here at CQM Learning we offer a Cycle To Work Scheme - this allows employees to buy a new bike or accessories at a discounted rate, paid back in instalments through payroll. Our home city of Sheffield is currently consulting on introducing a clean air scheme in the city centre - charging vehicles that don't meet strict pollution criteria to drive in it. Never a better time to get on a bike!



Making sustainable choices is a journey - as we find new ways to reduce our environmental impact, we will post them here too.

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