Senior production chef

Level 3 advanced APPRENTICESHIP


Funding: £4,000 via Apprenticeship Levy or £200 via 5% Co-investment Funding for small businesses

Awarding Organisation: Various

Level: 3

Size: Advanced Apprenticeship

Duration: Approx. 12 - 18 months


Download Senior Production Chef Level 3 Apprenticeship fact sheet here


This Advanced (Level 3) Apprenticeship is aimed at people working in the hospitality sector.


Senior production chefs strive to produce customers’ meals consistently to perfection according to predetermined specifications.

They have the ability to work independently and lead a team in often hot and highly challenging kitchen environments. Production Chefs are likely to work in organisations where brands, recipes and menus have been created by a central development team.

Production chefs and their teams work quickly and efficiently, producing food often in high volumes, which is repeated day after day, requiring energy, highly methodical organisational skills and attention to detail.


Candidates will learn new knowledge, skills and behaviours in core areas: 



  • Demonstrate range of food preparation, knife and cooking skills and techniques
  • Produce profitable menu items and dishes
  • Use technology/ensure maintenance issues and malfunctions are dealt with promptly
  • Ensure positive business/brand image is upheld
  • Exceed customer satisfaction


Food Safety

  • Maintain clean and hygienic kitchen
  • Store/prepare/cook ingredients correctly



  • Support team members
  • Maintain harmony across team, identifying and dealing with problems constructively
  • Communication; operate in a fair and empathic manner demonstrating customer centric culture
  • Identify development needs and encourage/support individuals to enhance skills/knowledge



  • Use techniques to support cost reduction
  • Improve performance, revenue, profit margins and customers’ experience
  • Monitor costs/control resource allocation
  • Minimise wastage/use sustainable practices
  • Comply with legal requirements
  • Risk assess situations
  • Help business to meet objectives




  • 2 hour multiple choice test
  • 4 hour practical observation
  • Business project
  • 90 minute professional discussion
  • Grading (pass, distinction)



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