Information, advice or guidance


Level 2 certificate


Funding: Fully funded for people aged 19+, EU residents for min. three yearsd

Awarding Organisation: Various

Level: 2

Size: Certificate

Duration: 12 weeks


Offering clear and accurate information, advice or guidance and knowing what can be shared legally and professionally can greatly improve outcomes for a business. There are some fundamental rules for successful information sharing and ensuring staff are aware of these is key.



Course Content



  • Explore communication techniques
  • Study how values, attitudes and beliefs can affect interactions
  • Develop interaction and interpersonal skills
  • How information, advice or guidance can be explored
  • How group interaction can be utilised 
  • Manage information, including storage and retrieval


Mandatory units



  • Information, advice or guidance in practice
  • Developing interaction skills for information, advice or guidanc




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