understanding and managing diabetes

Level 2 certificate


Funding: Fully funded for people aged 19+, EU residents for min. three years

Awarding Organisation: Various

Level: 2

Size: Certificate

Duration: 12 weeks


The Level 2 Certificate in Understanding and Managing Diabetes qualification is designed for people who are looking to enter into or progress within the health and social care sector, or for those with a personal interest in diabetes.


There is an emerging global epidemic of diabetes. In the UK alone, 3.2 million people are diagnosed with the disease and an estimated 630,000 people have the condition but don’t know it. It is believed that deaths from diabetes will rise by more than 50% in the next ten years. Simple lifestyle measures can be effective in preventing or delaying the onset of this chronic, debilitating and often deadly disease.



 Course Content


  • Diabetes diagnosis and initial care
  • Importance of ongoing care
  • Correct treatment of diabetes to control blood sugar levels



Mandatory units


  • Understand diabetes
  • Prevention and early intervention of Type 2 diabetes
  • Initial care of diabetes
  • Treatment and management of diabetes


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